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1 on 1 Sessions

Master Soul Awakening Session

This session is focused on helping you awaken to who you really  are.

I use various techniques throughout the session for this and the application of each technique is dependent where each client is currently at in life and what is needed for them.


The structure of the session will look like a variation of the following:

Opening a sacred space 

A review of the person's situation/ system

-Therapeutic approach to understand and heal the origins of the pattern

 A review of the alignment of the soul and body

-Clear distortion

-Bring back the soul and the original health

​Life mentoring

Family constellation

-Where we look into the movement of the soul and heal things that has happened in the family system of the person's soul

Master Soul initiations and activations

Closing ceremony

(In person session can include the modality of craniosacral therapy with gentle touch in different parts of the body)


Price 60 min session:

- 1650 SEK

- 150 EUR

After booking the session below, you will receive an email with a link to my Swish and Paypal information to proceed with the payment

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Image by Rachel Cook


Linda Adesh has helped me on so many different levels. I am so infinitely grateful for Linda and her amazing treatments! With Linda's help, I have come in contact with and seen parts of myself that I did not see or understand before. She has helped me feel more confident in myself, trust myself more and start to see my own worth. She has made me dare to do things I never thought were possible. The treatments at Linda are some of the best I have experienced! I feel completely safe and embraced by Linda's fine energy and care. It is clear that Linda has great competence in her profession and I have from the first moment felt great confidence and been able to be myself fully. Each session feels unique and helps me in ways I could not have imagined in advance. The sessions have made a big difference for me emotionally, mentally and also physically when I had physical problems with my body. I often say that I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience treatments with Linda Adesh ❤

 - Helena Swane

Linda has an outstanding ability to create a safe space with her extremely warm and empathetic attitude. She has a unique ability to meet you right where you are, open up to what you need to let go of and guide you further on your path to healing. Linda Adesh IS simply love

- Loredana CG

I want to thank you Linda Adesh. I never thought it would be possible to get rid of my sciatica from one moment to the next. That I also got to experience what it is like to be in contact with my heart was great. I will return in a new time

- Peter F

Image by Rachel Cook

I travel 12 miles to get craniosacral treatment from Linda Adesh. In Linda's treatment, the body and the soul always find a nice balance and I leave from there in light harmony Each time. So I highly recommend Linda Adesh .I'm really looking forward to going again ¨

 - Maria E

would like to thank you for the last treatment as well. Have been free from most of my pain. It's absolutely magical. And it was as if I landed in several insights after the treatment. So I'm really looking forward to coming again

- Johanna H

I’ve had different kinds of healing sessions in the past but Adesh’s healing service was the most powerful one I’ve had yet! She combined her craniosacral therapy, soul awakening techniques, and family constellation into one session and it was amazing. I released a lot of stored energy in my body that I had no idea was still within me. After the session I felt lighter, more peaceful, and I could feel the energy in my body circulating more freely especially around my heart chakra. I also learned a lot more about myself and the patterns from childhood that are still present in my adult life and she did a technique to merge my masculine and feminine energies so they could be balanced and it was such a powerful and beautiful experience. Adesh is very talented at what she does and she’s the real deal! If you’re wanting any kind of healing, I highly recommend getting it from her! She truly is a Shaman of Light. Thank you so much Adesh, I’m forever grateful for that session 

- Jacqueline A

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