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Linda Adesh

Linda Adesh is a highly experienced and dedicated spiritual teacher with a deep understanding of various practices, therapy, and holistic healing modalities. With over 25 years of experience in guiding individuals and groups on their spiritual journey, Adesh has helped countless people awaken their inner wisdom, transform their lives, and connect with their higher selves. Her compassionate and empathetic approach, combined with her extensive knowledge, makes her a sought-after spiritual teacher and mentor.


Adesh is a visionary with a deep passion for exploring the awakening of humanity and the vast possibilities of reality. Her journey has taken her on an immersive experience with shamans and the Shipibo people in Peru, where she has honed her shamanic psychic abilities. Drawing from her profound insights and therapeutic skills, Adesh has the unique ability to guide individuals towards their master soul and soul families.


Having reached new levels of psychic abilities through her transformative experiences, Adesh has channeled her expertise into developing workshops, courses, and retreats. She shares her profound teachings on awakening to our true selves and unlocking our individual mastership. As co-owner of Kärra Ashram, a hidden gem nestled along the Varberg coastline, Adesh provides a supportive and empowering environment for individuals to explore their own mastership and discover the depths of their soul in this reality and beyond.


Some words from Linda Adesh

For me, life is about reconnecting with the universal force, connecting to the source, the universal consciousness.
I support both individuals and organizations to increase awareness.

I help others to seek their own personal encounter with the universal power and I can convey a contact to other dimensions. Every day I take the time to have this meeting between me and the source. 

I hold the expression of the shaman, healer and psychic medium, but also a trained leadership developer, life coach and NLP therapist. 

A warm welcome to be a part of my work.
If you have any concerns or have any questions, you are always welcome to call or email me. 



                                                                                        ► Psychic Medium Training  
                                                                                        ► Increase your Consciousness Training - 1 year with shamans
                                                                                        ► Shamans in Peru living experience

                                                                                        ► Deployed Craniosacral Therapist

                                                                                        ► Basic Medicine University
                                                                                        ► Life Coach - Coach2Coach
                                                                                        ► Master NLP Powerthinking Therapist
                                                                                        ► Basic Psychology University

                                                                                        ► Reiki Healing I & II
                                                                                        ► Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

                                                                                        ► Family Constellator Training (3 levels including Trauma Healing)

                                                                                        ► A Course in Miracles Teaching
                                                                                        ► Masters of Business Administration

                                                                                        ►Internal consultant in leadership and business development

                                                                                        ►Miscellaneous other educations in leadership & culture


Image by Anastasia Taioglou


In the autumn of 2007, I was involved in a car accident. I was sitting in the back seat of a taxi when an oncoming car drove over our lane and we collided head-on. I then got a whiplash, a strain of the neck. After a long period of pain, I received help from a Craniosacral Therapist. This has meant that I have read and trained in the area as part of my treatment clinic with a focus on body and soul.


Basically, I have a degree in economics, but I have mainly held positions in working life in leadership, personnel issues and business development. I have been cultural director as well as human resources manager. I have lived and worked abroad for many years, which has increased my understanding of different cultures and people. Today I combine my work to help both businesses and individuals.


Looking forward to meeting you. With light and care,

Linda Adesh

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