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Awakening Training

With Linda Adesh

(The Online Trainings are found at Awakening-School)

5 modules at Kärra Ashram 

This will be the journey to live an awakened life and to fulfill your soul purpose


  • Clear distortions from human life

  • Waking up and shift your reality

  • Practice and integrate the human soul qualities

  • Initiation and activation of the 13 Ascendant Master Codes

  • Invite your own ascended master council

  • Follow the divine plan of manifestation 



Are you ready to take a step and to be challenged, then this training can be for you. You don’t need any experiences but you need to be open to explore what’s behind the imprinted reality. If you want to take a deeper step on your spiritual path and reach the awakened state, then this training is for you.


This means to step out of the cage, cracking the egg shell or rebirth to your true self.


The training is a result from my experiences being caught in the human system, living in an illusionary self, and my longing to remember who I am. It is like waking up and hearing the bell.


I will invite you for an initiation and activation of 13 Ascended Master codes bringing you to the remembrance of who you are. You remember Jesus and the 12 disciples, they all have a certain consciousness code that are waiting to be restored, including the feminine aspects of them. You will integrate and activate your own crystal palace and ascendant master council.


With the present experience, individually and globally, we will heal our mental-, emotional-, body- and lower soul system and enter into a new phase. This step is supporting you to be able to integrate the new codes in your daily life. It will bring you in full contact with your higher self and to operate on a higher consciousness dimension, aligned with your ascendant master team and the divine.



  • The human distortion and where it comes from

  • Find out any leakage in your own system and heal your system

  • Learn about guides and our master team

  • Practice and integrate all human qualities

  • Initiation and activation of the 13 Ascendant Master Codes

  • Learn to listening to our higher self and your master team

  • Create your own ascendant master council

  • Learn to channeling our true self and our soul team

  • Invoke your true essence into life and bring forth your purpose

  • Invoke humbleness towards all life there is

  • Go though a renewal birth to earth with a new and updated contract


The Ascendant master information system is hidden within the ancient Flower of Life pattern and is the blueprint of the universe.


The work we do is like throwing out the old operative system, piece by piece, and update yourself with this new coded super exciting operative system ·and information on how to use it.


Learning experience will be done through;

  • My transmission, sharing and guidance

  • Clearing of distortions

  • Circle work

  • Individual channeling to each participant

  • Different practices to come into your full capacity

  • Constellations / family constellation

  • Ceremonies

  • Your own Initiations, Activations & Invokes

  • Meditations

  • Own practice and studies of Training material

  • Individual healing and coaching

  • Playfulness and joy

The 13 soul qualities and information system is:

  • Power -  Energy & Strength​

  • Wisdom - Acceptance & Allowance

  • Love - Compassion & Love for Oneself​

  • Truth - Inner Knowing & Being aligned with the Intuition

  • Peace - Present & Meditative State

  • Grace - Clearance of Karma & Being of Service 

  • Freedom - Open to change & Responsibility 

  • Harmony - Harmonisation of Should & Body, no ego

  • Creation/ Purpose - Express oneself from divine

  • Awareness/Clarity - Be aware in every moment 

  • Unconditional Love - Merge Male and Female Energy

  • Oneness/ Joy - Rebirth/no gender of Source                                   

Additionally, we will cover the 6 common ground of creation and its manifestation, earth, air, water, fire, ether and void



The training is divided in 5 modules. Each of them is separate. The time in-between the sessions will be used to align your environment and yourself to your new set-up. If you miss a training it will be possible to take it later. There will also be one skype session in-between each module. Depending on where you are on your journey I will suggest 1 to 1 session.


Module 1

What is in the way to remembering who you really are, clearing of the role play and coming back to your original self, experience your higher self

Learn about the 3 first master codes

Clear distortion

Crystal palace activation (the 3 first codes)

Including Heart portal & pineal gland activation


Module 2

Be who you are, open your own contact with your higher self and get to know your master team, 12 ascended masters representing your information system

Learn about the 4-7 master codes

Clear distortion

Activation of the 4-7 golden codes

Prepare for transcend to operating from the soul

Soul Initiation

Get in contact with the 12 universal laws to live your soul purpose


Module 3

Living from the soul, being instead of doing, learn to listen to your higher self and you master team, being in divine service

Learn about the 8-12 master codes

Activation of the 8-12 codes

Find your unique expression and your divine purpose

Higher soul initiation

Practice the 12 universal laws to live your soul purpose


Module 4

Walk on earth with a new reality, free from conditioning

Work with your soul family

Activate the 13 golden code, the 13 DNA activation

Invite your master team as your own council

Express your divine purpose

Devine initiation


Module 5

Awakening to the common ground of creation

Activate the flower of life system to the fullest extend

Your own healing methods, medium ship and psychic awakening

Channeling your master team

Dare to step into a soulful life




Send mail to


Kärra Ashram in Varberg Sweden,


Egg One ongoing

Module 1, completed, contact if possible catch-up

Module 2, completed, contact if possible catch-up

Module 3, 1-2 April 2023

Module 4, 6-7 May 2023

Module 5, 3-4 June 2023

Egg Two

Module 1, 17-18 June 2023, starting Saturday 9 AM end Sunday 16.30 PM  

Module 2, 26-27 Aug 2023

Module 3-5 will be announced later


Module 1 + Skype follow up session, introductory price 4500 SEK, incl.                          accommodation and training

Module 2 + Skype follow up session, introductory price 4500 SEK, incl.                          accommodation and training

Book both modules for the price 8400 SEK


Max 12 participants



Linda Adesh Shaman of Light

Renowned Spiritual Mentor, Psychic Medium, Therapist And Author

Through Adesh own life experiences and over 30 years of spiritual work she decided to share and coach others on the way to their awakening. Adesh has had several awakened moments in her life. Through documentation and channeling this material is now ready to be shared with others


The transmission and sharing is based on:

Her own awakening steps

Her contact with her “home dimension” The Andromeda and other dimensions that she cooperates with

Years of practice, teachings and learnings from masters from all over the world

Her time with the Shipibo people at Amazonas and the teachings from the plant spirits

You can read more about her here: About

Kärra Ashram Retreats

Kärra Ashram Community is a sacred space by the ocean in Kärradal, near Varberg that my partner, Dinesh, and I started. Arriving at our place is also arriving at the ocean - to enjoy the purity, freedom, and power the ocean has and that is also within us. Our community is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their natural state of inner peace and joy. We believe this state is achieved by finding freedom in the heart. True freedom in the heart arises the day we are free from our past conditioning. We use different techniques for an experience through the body, mind and soul. We work with different components to help us in arriving there, and those are: 

  • Lifestyle (nutrition, movement, stillness, nature)

  • Awareness (awareness of how your life has shaped you and others)

  • Self-reliance (your own inner guidance)

  • Creativity (finding the inner creative source)

  • Spirituality (a deep spiritual connection)

For more information on our upcoming retreat events, please click on the following link-

Thanks and we hope to see you here soon!

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