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Goddess Awakening Training: Embrace Your True Self and Embark on a Sacred Journey of Self-Discovery

With Linda Adesh

Embark on a sacred journey to awaken to your soul. Together, we will traverse the following sacred steps:

  • Release all distortions from your being, purifying yourself on every level.

  • Awaken to higher realms of consciousness and shift your perception of reality.

  • Cultivate and embody the sacred qualities of the human soul.

  • Activate the 13 Ascendant Master Codes, unlocking ancient wisdom within.

  • Extend a reverent invitation to your personal Ascended Master Council, your higher self and wise guides who will illuminate your path.

  • Surrender to the divine plan of manifestation, allowing its sacred wisdom to unfold.


Let the full spectra of awareness dream your reality into being, as the higher soul and divine realms of existence guide you with their boundless wisdom. Trust in the exquisite interplay of the seen and unseen, as you navigate the sacred dance of creation.

Join me as we embark on this profound pilgrimage of spiritual growth and fulfillment. Together, we will honor the sacredness within ourselves and align with the divine purpose that beckons us.


Are you ready to immerse yourself in this sacred journey?


Let us begin and be forever transformed, like the pupa to a butterfly.

If you're yearning to delve deeper into your spiritual journey and attain an awakened state, then the transformative Awakening Training is made for you.


On the path of awakening
let us explore who is the dreamer
and remember our true self 


This sacred odyssey invites you to break free from the restrictions that limits you and experience a profound rebirth. Guided by the experiences of the trainer, who challenged the constraints of the human system and an illusionary self, this training is like awakening from a deep slumber and hearing the resounding bell of a new beginning.

Prepare yourself for an initiation and activation of the 13 Ascended Master codes, unlocking the remembrance of who you truly are. Just as Jesus and his 12 disciples possessed unique consciousness codes waiting to be restored, you too have your own divine essence, masculine and feminine aspects to integrate and activate.


Through this training:

  • you will establish a profound connection with your celestial palace and ascendant master council, embarking on a journey of awakening and aligning with your soul's path and purpose.

  • you will experience a mystical pilgrimage and a transformative expedition where the realms of awakening and soul fulfillment intertwine, revealing the radiant path to the essence of your being

  • you will unveil the layers of self-realization, igniting the flame of your true nature, and harmonize with the celestial manifestation of the divine blueprint

This training emerges from profound personal experiences, transformative teachings, and an insatiable yearning to rediscover one's authentic essence. It serves as a resounding call to awaken from the illusory self and embrace a profound rebirth. By integrating the spiritual path with the journey of awakening, we offer a guiding light to illuminate the path towards uncovering the depths of our true nature.

By participating in this course:

  • you will have the opportunity to heal and realign your mental, emotional, physical, and lower soul systems, ushering in a new phase of your spiritual evolution

  • you will integrate the newly awakened codes into your daily life, establishing a profound connection with your higher self and operating from a heightened state of consciousness aligned with your ascendant master team and the divine

Now is the time to answer the call and embrace this opportunity for transformation. Are you ready to align with your true self, unlock your hidden potential, and embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery and fulfillment? The path awaits you.

Join us for a profound and transformative 6-day retreat that combines Module 1 and Module 2 of the Awakening Training, offering a holistic and immersive experience to awaken your authentic self, embrace your divine team, and live in alignment with your soul's purpose.

Module 1: Awakening to Your Authentic Self and Embracing Sacred Integration

Embark on a soulful odyssey through the realms of awakening, higher self connection, Ascendant Master Codes, and liberation from societal constraints. This sacred module consists of the following transformative experiences:

1.    The Essence of Awakening and the Power of Awareness: Delve into the infinite depths of awareness and cultivate a profound connection to the creative power within. Become an active co-creator of your reality.
2.    Establishing a Sacred Connection with Your Higher Self: Experience a transformative integration with your higher self, gaining profound insights into your life purpose and receiving divine guidance.
3.    Activating the Sacred Wisdom of the 13 Ascendant Master Codes: Unlock the dormant ancient wisdom within the Ascendant Master Codes, expanding your consciousness and accelerating your spiritual growth.
4.    Integrate the 3 First Ascended Masters Representing Your Unique Information System: Deepen your connection with Ascended Masters who embody specific qualities and teachings that resonate with your soul's evolution.
5.    Liberation from Societal Constraints and Rediscovering Your Authentic Essence: Free yourself from self-imposed constraints and explore the profound truth of your divine nature.

Module 2: Embracing Your Divine Team and Living in Alignment with Your Soul

This module focuses on embracing your divine team, activating the Ascendant Master Codes, understanding universal laws, and discovering your unique divine purpose. Immerse yourself in the following transformative experiences:

1.    Establishing a Connection with Your Master Team and Guides: Cultivate a strong bond with celestial beings dedicated to supporting your spiritual journey.
2.    Clearing Distortions and Activating the 4th to 12th Ascendant Master Codes: Unlock dormant potentials within yourself, activate higher states of consciousness, and embrace the wisdom encoded within your soul.
3.    Integrate the 12+1 Ascended Masters Representing Your Unique Information System: Deepen your connection with Ascended Masters who bring unique gifts and insights to your spiritual path.
4.    Preparation for Transcending and Operating from the Soul Level: Awaken to the truth of your divine nature and shift your perception to operate from the soul level.
5.    Discovering and Expressing Your Unique Divine Purpose: Uncover your soul's calling and gain clarity on how to express your gifts and talents in service to the world.
6.    Higher Soul Initiation and Practice of the 12 Universal Laws for Soulful Living: Undergo a sacred initiation and incorporate the 12 universal laws into your daily life, aligning yourself with your soul's purpose.

During this transformative 6-day retreat, you will experience profound initiations, sacred ceremonies, and soulful practices that awaken your true self and align your life with joy, abundance, and meaningful service. Guided by your divine team and the universal laws, you will expand your consciousness, deepen your connection to the realms of spirit, and step into the fullness of your soul's potential.

Trust in the wisdom of this transformative journey and allow the sacred integration to guide you to the luminous truth of your authentic self and become your own master.

Namaste, Linda Adesh


Adesh warmly invite you to join her on this sacred journey through Module 1 and Module 2 of our spiritual immersion. These immersive modules have been carefully crafted to guide you on a profound exploration of your authentic self, higher consciousness, and divine integration.

Module 1: Awakening to Your Authentic Self and Embracing Sacred Integration

Module 2: Embracing Your Divine Team and Living in Alignment with Your Soul


Our experience takes place in Europe. The location will be shared closer to the training, ensuring a serene and nurturing environment for your spiritual journey.

Training dates

2024 April 22-28

Investment and Registration


We eagerly await your presence as we embark on this sacred journey together.

With all love from,

Linda Adesh

13 Soul Qualities 

In this work we will integrate the 12+1 Ascended Masters representing your unique information system. Each master embodies specific qualities, teachings, and energies that resonate with your soul's evolution. The 13 soul qualities and their corresponding information system are as follows:
1.    Power - Energy & Strength: Tap into your inner power and strength to overcome challenges and manifest your desires.
2.    Wisdom - Acceptance & Allowance: Cultivate wisdom through acceptance of yourself and others, and allowing life to unfold naturally.
3.    Love - Compassion & Love for Oneself: Embrace compassion and love towards yourself, nurturing a deep sense of self-love and extending it to others.
4.    Truth - Inner Knowing & Being aligned with Intuition: Access your inner knowing and align yourself with your intuition to live in truth and authenticity.
5.    Peace - Present & Meditative State: Attain inner peace by staying present in the moment and cultivating a meditative state of mind.
6.    Grace - Clearance of Karma & Being of Service: Release karmic patterns and embrace a life of service, spreading grace and kindness to others.
7.    Freedom - Open to Change & Responsibility: Embrace the freedom that comes from being open to change and taking responsibility for your own life.
8.    Transcendence - Ability to Transcend: Rise above limitations and transcend the boundaries of the physical realm.
9.    Harmony - Harmonization of Body & Soul, Ego Dissolution: Achieve harmony by integrating body and soul, dissolving egoic attachments and divisions.
10.    Creation/Purpose - Expressing Oneself from the Divine: Tap into your creative essence and express your unique divine purpose in the world.
11.    Awareness/Clarity - Being Mindful in Every Moment: Cultivate awareness and clarity by being fully present and mindful in every moment.
12.    Unconditional Love - Merge Male and Female Energy: Embrace and merge the energies of both the masculine and feminine, embodying unconditional love.
13.    Oneness/Joy - Rebirth/No Gender of Source: Experience the bliss of oneness and joy, transcending gender and connecting with the divine source of all existence.

By integrating these soul qualities into your being, you will deepen your spiritual journey, expand your consciousness, and align yourself with your soul's purpose. Each master that we will invite in this work will guide you in their specific area of expertise, offering profound insights and support as you navigate your path of self-discovery and soul alignment.

The Trainer

Linda Adesh

Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium, and Therapist

Linda Adesh is a renowned spiritual teacher, psychic medium, and therapist with over 30 years of experience. Drawing from her own awakening moments and extensive spiritual work, Linda is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and coaching others on their transformative journey.

What sets Linda apart is her deep connection to different dimensions, including her "home dimension" of Andromeda. This unique perspective, combined with teachings from masters worldwide, fuels her holistic approach to awakening.

Having spent time with the Shipibo people in Amazonas, Linda has also embraced the wisdom of plant spirits, adding a profound dimension to her teachings.

Unlock your inner light and explore the transformative teachings of Linda Adesh. Join her on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

For more information about Linda Adesh go to;


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