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The Divine Essence FREE Masterclass

The Human Masterpiece  - BORN TO CREATE

Next class is in March/April with new activations

Allow me to guide you on a journey to reconnect with your Divine Essence Identity, your soul:

1.  Restore Your True Identity

2. Breaking through ONE KEY that blocks your Creations & the Manifestations

Join the activations below

If you're short on time, you can either listen to the class for 30 minutes or dive straight into the two activations, which hold the potential to be real game-changers in your journey towards creator and manifestor.
I believe in the power of revisiting these teachings, as repetition often brings about deeper understanding and integration.

This Class is not just a guide; it paves the way to the New Human Era. Cultivating mastery through heightened awareness, we will explore the qualities of the Divine Master Soul and initiate the integration of its profound essence.

Next class with a different activations will be in March or April.

If this is for you, also have a look at my 2 month online coaching program starting Feb 25.

With love, Linda Adesh🩵

Allow me some time to open!!
The Masterclass Guiding Part
(Sorry for the partly a bit low quality of the videos)
The Two Activations

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