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Guiding you on your journey back home to yourself

We Are Lighting Up The Spark Within To Create A Wildfire Across The Globe

In our modern world, stress and depression has become a norm and we can sometimes be left feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, or holding onto pain from the past....

But we weren't born to struggle, we're born to thrive.


When you change the experience of yourself, life shifts.

This is my invitation to awakening and to discover your true inspiration to live a more meaningful life.


On the path of awakening let us explore who is the dreamer and remember our true self 

My expressions includes;

 Spiritual Teacher ~ Craniosacral Therapist ~ Family Constellator ~ Psychic Medium ~ Healer ~ Shaman

Do you long to be more in touch with your soul? Do you long to feel better? Maybe you have physical ailments.

I support a soul contact by being in total presence and channeling my higher self. I act as a tuning fork.

Let us be helped to remember who we are. As I see it, we are all part of the universal force, the consciousness that creates everything. The experience of being human with body, thoughts, emotions is just a part of us. Who were you before you came here and who will you be when you leave this earth? To remember is to return home while we live here, to be one with the divine light, the creative power that is in peace & joy. When we all return, we will create the kingdom of heaven on earth. Is there another way for us? In various forums we help to remember, welcome! 



To come together in an awakened state to help raise the consciousness of humanity


To provide experiences to support peoples awakening to who they really are


- Unconditional love

- Being true to yourself

- A place to feel welcome and safe

- Community


Awaken To Who You Are
Discover Your Purpose

Create More Balance &
Harmony In Your Life

Heal From The Past
Create More Inner Peace

Live A Life Of Freedom

Image by Zach Reiner

Awakening Training

5 Modules  

“Do you want to be awakened to who you really are?”

This will be the journey to live an awakened life and to fulfill your life purpose


2.5 Month Course Program

A 2.5 month virtual coaching program designed to assist in your spiritual growth journey, help you heal on a deeper level, and support your life journey so you can live a life of harmony and inner peace

Learn More
Image by Zach Reiner

1-on-1 Sessions

I offer 1-on-1 virtual sessions including sessions such as craniosacral therapy, soul awakening, lightworker mentorship, and advanced leadership mentorship.


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Contact Me

+46 72 251 17 70

Varberg, Sweden

Additionally, you can send me a message here

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