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BEYOND THE ORDINARY: Empowering Individuals and Enlightening Leaders to Reach Mastery in Life.

Experience synchronicity and subtle realities through transformative, embodied experiences. Embark on an awakening journey with no turning back.


​Planning for October 2024
in Sweden

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Transformative 8 weeks
Divine Essence Coach Program


Awakening & Soul Alignment Session

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Reconnect with your Soul and your true Essence

Orange Blossom

My 6 Pillars To Excel and Awaken to Divine Mastery

The Movement of The Soul

Uncover the deeper purpose and mission behind your existence.

Transcend Your Belief System

Clear your mental patterns. Leran continuous instant transformation 

Awaken to the Spirit

Establish a connection with your Higher Soul and vibrate your true Divine Identity - Master Soul Initiation

Born To Live

Cultivate mastery in the act of creation & manifestation through the power of awareness

Embrace the qualities of the Master Soul

Initiate and integrate the 13 Soul Master qualities 

Become the channel of your Master Soul - awaken your psychic abilities & give birth to the New Earth

Open your psychic abilities and give birth to the inheritance human right  - shape an amazing reality

Curious? Schedule a complimentary call with me to delve deeper into exploring awakening to your Divine Mastery

A New Dawn Unveiled:   

This is the moment to navigate the path to Awaken the Master within, the Master Soul and entering into the Amplified Human Era.
—an era characterized by heightened awareness and multidimensional greatness. Raising above the earlier "Golden Age". Now is the time to embrace our mastery and shape our own future.

Closing the Chapter of Pisces Influence:

This soul-mastering journey commences with the closure of the Pisces Era, a phase that witnessed accelerated experience of the human energy body, an understanding of how we are dreaming this reality into being, and an accelerated release of old trauma, this set the stage of an Amplified Human Age... Read More

Linda Adesh

Hello, beloved, I'm Linda Adesh, answering the call to continually transform and explore a vast reality. My journey has led me through various paths, including shamanic work, family constellations, A Course in Miracles, psychic mediumship, and more. Through these experiences, I've come to understand and embody the essence of living from the master soul. It brings me joy, and it's my path to share this wisdom with the world.

I'm excited to infuse knowledge, practical applications, and profound transformation for humanity to awaken to our true selves, to balance the inner world in order to express a beautiful reality.

I feel compelled to share with you and extend an invitation to delve into the transformative work I offer. Learn more about Linda Adesh here.

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Awakening Training 2023: A Visual Journey Through the Sacred Gallery of Transformation

Hanna L, BR

“My session with Adesh brought me so much clarity, not only about the obstacle I was facing then, but also about my soul story and my purpose in this life. The truth I was avoiding looking at was shown by her with so much compassion and care.
Her work helped me to reconnect with my inner power and that was a BIG SHIFT!"

Anna K, SE

Family Constellation sessions with Adesh has been a vital part in my journey to heal myself and release myself from what I have taken on within my family line that is not mine to be burden with. It has enabled me to be more present, to feel more joy in life and made me feel more at ease with myself and with my family members. Giving me a deep understanding for my family history that I could not have obtained in another way. I deeply recommend Adesh as a Family Constellation facilitator with all her experience, divine connection and loving presence to lead you throughout a lifechanging Family Constellation experience.

Amber G, UK

"Adesh has a brilliant mind and a wonderful way of making all in her company feel lifted up. The Awakening Master Soul Training was an adventure. I learnt a lot about my divine self, sacred geometry and healing practices. "

Christina, SE

"The Awakening Training has profoundly reshaped my reality and elevated my self-awareness to new heights. The incorporation of content like "Awaken to higher consciousness" enriches this transformative experience. Under Linda Adesh's guidance, I gained profound insights into who we really are. Practical applications, coupled with the most beautiful ceremonies and activations, empower me to embrace myself and express my deepest wishes. This is about rediscovering the ancient wisdom within; it has sparked a journey of self-love and authenticity as a part of my daily life. As a business owner, this has become one of my most important building blocks as a leader. The embodiment of the 13 soul qualities have changed my life forever, it deepened my spiritual connectivity and opened potentials that were previously untapped. "

The greatest adventure you can ever take is to awaken to your true self and your Divine Master Identity

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