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Embark on a transformative journey with our "Merkaba Mastery" practice to activate your Soul Body and soar into dimensions where reality undergoes a profound shift.. Are you ready to embrace a life of expanded consciousness and connect with the divine?

Practice Overview:
In this practise, you'll unlock the secrets of the Merkaba, the vehicle of light, experiencing a 19-meter expansion around your body. Join us on this extraordinary journey and discover the steps to awaken with your third eye, cleanse your human system, and achieve the full activation of your Merkaba in only 15 minutes practice.


What You'll Experience in "Merkaba Mastery":
•    Transformative Journey:
Activate your Soul Body, enter dimensions where reality shifts. Embrace expanded consciousness and divine connection.
•    Merkaba Mysteries Unveiled:
Unlock the sacred geometry's secrets, master activation for a 19-meter expansion. Three Star Tetrahedron energy filed extend into the universe.
•    Awaken Your Third Eye:
Align with third eye awakening. Clear your human system, let a bright light flood in.
•    Full Merkaba Activation:
Immerse in the boundless awareness of your higher soul. Expand into universes, where possibilities know no limits.
•    Elevate and Transcend:
Enroll now, elevate existence, explore uncharted realms. Transcend the ordinary, become the extraordinary. Your awakening awaits! 


Enhance Your Journey:

The full activation of the Merkaba creates a cosmic resonance, in the form of a galaxy unfolding around you. This profound activation allows you to connect with other dimensions, opening doors to new realms of consciousness and understanding.


Continuous Meditation and Dimensional Invitation:

As you progress through this practice, you'll discover the power of continuous meditation. By maintaining a dedicated practice, you can actively invite other dimensions into your life. This ongoing connection fosters a deeper understanding of your existence and opens the door to limitless possibilities.


Extended the 15 minutes Practice for Deeper Shifts: 
Dive even deeper by practicing for 7 days. Experience profound shifts as you continue your exploration into the realms of Merkaba Mastery. Enroll now for a week-long immersion in profound awakening.

What Others Are Saying:
🌟 I can't explain how deep this was for me. I have never experienced my soul like this and I have a new sense of the third eye activation. Take this and many thanks to Linda Adesh for her work. Michael M
🌟 Linda has an outstanding ability to create a safe space with her extremely warm and empathetic attitude. She has a unique ability to meet you right where you are, open up to what you need to let go of and guide you further on your path to healing. Linda Adesh IS simply love. Loredana CG


Our Guarantee:
We're confident that this "Merkaba Mastery" course will be a profound and positive experience in your life. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked. ❤️

Welcome to experience the power of Merkaba Mastery.  
Linda Adesh wishes you the most beautiful and profound 15 minutes life changing experience.  ❤️

Merkaba Mastery - Your Gateway to Dimensional Shifts and Divine Awakening

36,00 €Price
  • Welcome to the first step towards profound transformation with "Merkaba Mastery"! Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a personalized link to access the course content. Your unique link will grant you entry into the extraordinary realms of Merkaba activation.

    Prepare to embark on a daily 15-minute practice for 7 days, unlocking the full potential of your soul's journey. Your link is your gateway to a deeper, more profound shift. Enrich your existence, elevate your consciousness, and embrace the extraordinary. Purchase now and watch your transformation unfold.

    The course will be accessible for one year from the date of purchase.

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