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..... We can Envision this period as a time waking up from an old dream awakening personal and spiritual development, a prelude to the cosmic ascension wave.

As the curtains of the Golden Age unfold, we find ourselves at the threshold of the Aquarian Age of Mastership Awakening. Like a pupa transmuting into a butterfly, we navigate through shifts and challenges, evolving into beings of profound Mastership and transformation.

Steering Away from Materialism Trapping: 

The mission at hand is a departure from the materialistic trappings of the Pisces Age, steering us towards our rightful inheritance—the Awakening to Spirit. The Earlier Golden Age acts as a catalyst, compelling humanity to transcend distractions and embrace principles and ethics. The movement from the old paradigm becomes a sublime process, with cosmic energy alignments underlining limiting beliefs inherited through generations. This is an awakening that facilitating the release of traumas and childhood conditioning. This purge sets the stage for the pending Amplified Era of Humanity.

Choosing the Path of Inner Awakening: 

This is an aware human process where we choose to listening to our soul whispers, guiding us inward to confront buried past issues, traumas, and regrets. Delving into forgotten issues and shadows unlocks the door to our authentic selves, liberating us from the shackles of buried wounds. Surrendering to grace enables the release of past prisons, birthing the Aquarian Age with mindful choices spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This transformative Mastering epoch encompasses heightened self-awareness, clearing the old, inner healing, empowerment, expanded consciousness, and the resurgence of divine soul. 

The Rising Curtain of Mastery: 

Now, as the curtain rises on this step of the Age of Mastership; awaken from the dream and comprehend the human game. Erode all historical conditionings with Instant Transformation, mastering the quantum field to drive yourself into the Amplified Age of Mastership.

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