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Become The Greater You:
Transformative 8 weeks Divine Essence Coach  Program 3.0


Spanning over two Tracks:

1. Become The Greater You - Your True Self
2. Become The Creator Of Your Life - The Manifestor

Next Program starts September 1st 2024.


This program is all about becoming the best version of yourself. If you crave true freedom, if you are truly longing for something, join me, and I'll guide you to become "The Greater You" the one that follows a divine path..

Awaken the Master Within:
Unveiling Your Abundant True Self and Navigating the Quantum Realms of Existence.

Embark on a transformative journey with my guidance, a profound experience structured upon 12 pillars that will redefine your existence:

Experience a profound shift in your life with The Greater You Coaching Program: 

An online program designed to awaken your inner truth and empower you to walk your Divine Life Path.

Dreaming as Guidance: Explore how your dreams can lead to transformative shifts, guiding you towards your true longing.
Alignment with Soul Path: Harmonize your self with your soul path, anchoring your intentions for profound transformation.
Recoding Limiting Beliefs: Dissolve the barriers of limiting beliefs to pave the way for clearing the path and expansion.
Window of Tolerance: Master the art of regulating your human system for growth and resilience.
Creation Success Formula: Learn the power of changing beliefs to inspire aligned actions and manifest your divine path with ease and grace.
Embracing Wounds as Assets: Transform your wounds into catalysts for growth, guiding you towards your true self.
Being One with the Future: Embrace a knowing frequency that allows your creations to flow into your reality.
Life as a Ceremony: Infuse every moment with intention and purpose, creating a sacred space for manifestation.
Gratitude and Emotional State: Cultivate gratitude and manage your emotional state to reprogram your reality and attract freedom and abundance.
Remapping Energetic Patterns: Recalibrate your energetic field and align with your divine path.
Becoming one with Higher Identity: Integrate authenticity and truth into your life, aligning with your highest self for authentic manifestation.


Embark on a journey of guided alchemy transmission, where you'll tap into your higher consciousness to recode and recalibrate yourself, aligning with the Greater You:

Alchemy Transmissions:

- The Greater You Soul Qualities
- Let's Dream Again
- Anchoring in Your Intention
- Inner Child Quantum Leap
- Alchemize Your Biggest Gift
- Clearing the Self-Sabotage Pattern
- The Electromagnetic Field Calibration
- Recalibrate & Embrace the Greater You
- Anchor in the Highest Self Into the Now
- Accelerate Your Manifestations
- Quantum Leap into the Knowing
- Recode Yourself with the Astral Dimension


I'd love to coach you on your path to become the Greater You!

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The Program Set Up:

A transformative 8-week journey, completed by a follow-up experience, merging the potency of connection and learning. Immerse yourself in the following components:

Built on the art of manifestation, family constellations-therapy, coaching, channeling, guidance, practical examples, healing, training material, daily practices, initiations and activations.

2-Hour Weekly Group Coaching: Engage in guided video call group coaching sessions, where you'll share experiences, receive personalized guidance.

1-Hour Weekly Recoded Teaching Sessions: Delve into life changing teachings, offering insights and wisdom to guide you to take new steps in your life and to become the Greater You.

Weekly Alchemy Transmission Meditation: Immerse yourself in a guided activation meditation each week, designed to deepen your connection with your true self, clear the path and manifest your deepest longing.

Daily Practices: Cultivate positive habits and mindfulness with daily practices designed to enhance your well-being, bring self-awareness, become the manifestor and continues development.

Profound Teachings: Immerse yourself in the profound teachings of experienced instructors, guiding you on a gentle shift towards The Greater You. This transformative experience is an irreversible journey, allowing you to walk the path to create your deepest longings.

Reading material: Access pre-reading material, guiding resources, and recorded content for self-paced activations. Access supplementary post-course material.

Join the next Program starting september 1st 2024

Session Times: Sundays 4-6 PM CET & Wednesdays 6 – 7 PM CET (recorded)

I'd love to coach you on your lifepath!

This is a transformative journey for 8 participants

True life is about deep relaxation, freedom, and joy, allowing what is while manifesting your deepest divine longing

Is this for you:

Are you feeling a bit lost or not entirely satisfied with your current state? If so, the Divine Essence Program is calling out to individuals like you who are ready to embark on a transformative journey toward a life aligned with their deepest longings and a divine path. This unique 8 weeks online coaching experience, crafted by the insightful Linda Adesh, is designed to help you rediscover and embrace your true identity while empowering you to live fully and be the creator of your life.

Program Information

This is a commitment to yourself:

Program Duration: 8 weeks, including a follow up meeting the month after.

Invest in yourself: 1100 Euro
Limited Spots: Maximum 8 places available, 4 places still open.

Contact me, and be among the 8 individuals embarking on this life-changing journey.

With Love,
Linda Adesh

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Varberg, Sweden

Co-owner Kärra Ashram

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Hanna L, BR

“My session with Adesh brought me so much clarity, not only about the obstacle I was facing then, but also about my soul story and my purpose in this life. The truth I was avoiding looking at was shown by her with so much compassion and care.
Her work helped me to reconnect with my inner power and that was a BIG SHIFT!"

Anna K, SE

Family Constellation sessions with Adesh has been a vital part in my journey to heal myself and release myself from what I have taken on within my family line that is not mine to be burden with. It has enabled me to be more present, to feel more joy in life and made me feel more at ease with myself and with my family members. Giving me a deep understanding for my family history that I could not have obtained in another way. I deeply recommend Adesh as a Family Constellation facilitator with all her experience, divine connection and loving presence to lead you throughout a lifechanging Family Constellation experience.

Amber G, UK

"Adesh has a brilliant mind and a wonderful way of making all in her company feel lifted up. The Awakening Master Soul Training was an adventure. I learnt a lot about my divine self, sacred geometry and healing practices. "

Christina, SE

"The Awakening Training has profoundly reshaped my reality and elevated my self-awareness to new heights. The incorporation of content like "Awaken to higher consciousness" enriches this transformative experience. Under Linda Adesh's guidance, I gained profound insights into who we really are. Practical applications, coupled with the most beautiful ceremonies and activations, empower me to embrace myself and express my deepest wishes. This is about rediscovering the ancient wisdom within; it has sparked a journey of self-love and authenticity as a part of my daily life. As a business owner, this has become one of my most important building blocks as a leader. The connection with spiritual guides and the embodiment of the 13 soul qualities have changed my life forever. These additions to the training have deepened my spiritual connectivity and opened potentials that were previously untapped. "

I offer this Initiation to you because I believe we all yearn for our soul's fulfillment. This serves as an invitation to a profound Soul Initiation, allowing our true uniqueness to come alive.

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