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The program is using the profound teachings of the six pillars of transformation:

Pillar 1: The Movement of The Soul
Begin your journey with a profound inquiry into your identity and purpose. Reconnect with the human masterpiece within. Explore the eternal movement of your soul, recognizing its constant evolution through life experiences. Understand the essence you bring to Earth and align yourself with the universal flow.

Pillar 2: Transcend Your Belief System
Liberate yourself from limiting mental patterns in the second pillar. Clear the remnants of the old program from your body, heart, and mind. Learn the art of continuous instant transformation, navigating gracefully through the old paradigm. Embrace your authentic identity and initiate a process of ongoing self-evolution. This pillar includes a profound initiation of the first three Master Soul qualities.

Pillar 3: Establish a Connection with Your Higher Soul
In the third pillar, delve into soul alignment practices. Reconnect with your Higher Soul and vibrate your true Identity, establishing a profound communion with spiritual realms. Awaken your multidimensional being, allowing the energy of the Divine to guide you towards balance, intuition, freedom, awaken your third eye and soul energy body. This pillar includes a paradigm shift with the initiation of the fourth to seventh Master Soul qualities.

Pillar 4: Born To Live
Cultivate divine mastery in the act of manifestation through the power of awareness. Learn to harness conscious intention and align with your deepest longings. Understand the alchemy of turning your desires into reality by tapping into the universal energy knoweledge. This pillar invites you to become an architect of your destiny, weaving the threads of intention into the grand creation of your existence, awake the master human within.

Pillar 5: Embrace the Qualities of the Master Soul
Initiate and integrate the eighth to twelfth Soul Master qualities in the fifth pillar. Immerse yourself in the profound experience of programming your essence with your Master Soul DNA. Rediscover your true self and navigate the human experience with the full capacity of your Soul, embodying its transformative qualities. Learn to interact with the Akashic record and the Human Play.

Pillar 6: Become the Channel of Your Master Soul - awaken your psychic abilities & give birth to the New Earth
Open your psychic abilities and shape your life in the last pillar. Initiate the thirteenth Master Soul Quality. Shape your reality by co-create with the quantum field. Walk the Earth with your authentic Soul identity, becoming a channel for its wisdom. Radiate awareness, compassion, and clarity, creating and attracting your divine truth on the path to Human  Age Mastership.

I'd love to coach you on your lifepath!

This is a transformative journey for 8 participants

True life is about deep relaxation, freedom, and joy, allowing what is while manifesting your deepest longings

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Linda Adesh

Hello, beloved, I'm Linda Adesh, answering the call to continually transform and explore a vast reality. My journey has led me through various paths, including shamanic work, family constellations, A Course in Miracles, psychic mediumship, and more. Through these experiences, I've come to understand and embody the essence of living from the master soul. It brings me joy, and it's my path to share this wisdom with the world.

I'm excited to infuse knowledge, practical applications, and profound transformation for humanity to awaken to our true selves, to balance the inner world in order to express a beautiful reality.

I feel compelled to share with you and extend an invitation to delve into the transformative work I offer. Learn more about Linda Adesh here.

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