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New Moon Calibration

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Calibrate Your Electromagnetic Field with your Higher Soul in this Super Potent New Moon Period

Prepare yourself for cosmic alignment during this significant New Moon period, starting from April 8, 2024. By calibrating your electromagnetic field now, you'll be ready for the cosmic highlight: the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20, 2024.


This rare event brings together Jupiter, the planet of growth, happiness, and abundance, with Uranus, the planet of transformation, renewal, and revolution. Their alignment promises breakthroughs, surprising twists, and a gigantic shift in consciousness.

Ensure you're fully prepared for this momentous occasion by aligning your electromagnetic field with the powerful energies of the cosmos. 

During this limited-time offer, you'll receive an exclusive 15-minute alchemy calibration, guiding you through the process of recalibration and energetic realignment.

Before beginning the Alchemy Calibration, take a moment and allow yourself to be present. This is your own inner time to connect with the energies surrounding you.

Sign up below and be prepared to embrace the shifts and transformations that lie ahead.


You will receive the link to the Alchemy Calibration instantly.

With love, Linda Adesh

Receive the Alchemy Calibration Now

Thanks for submitting!

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