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Sept 7-8 2024 

With Linda Adesh

CHANNELING COURSE SEPT 7-8 2024 (standalone course )
This training might be held in Swedish

Welcome to an inspiring channeling course focused on soul families, following your inner path, and developing your intuition!

During this course,you will explore the depths of spiritual connection and discover more about soul families. Practice healing by channeling each other using our hands in a form of sacred touch. The course begins with a deeper understanding of soul families and their significance in our spiritual journey.

Through meditations, reflection, and exercises, you will explore how soul families can be a source of spiritual growth, learning, and support. All takes place in a safe and loving environment where you can explore and deepen your connection with your own soul family.


What you will learn:

  • how to create a communion and a first connection with your soul family

  • how to recognize and understand the special bonds that connect you to certain people in your life

  • listening with "sacred touch" and channeling your experience

  • to listen to your inner voice, recognize intuitive clues, and follow your inner wisdom

  • use tarot  as a tool for self-reflection and channeling guidance

  • through various exercises and techniques, you will strengthen your intuition and trust in your own inner guidance to use it in your life and make authentic decisions aligned with the longing and purpose of your soul.


By practicing sacred touch and channeling each other, you will experience a deeper connection with others and the wisdom of the soul.

By integrating soul families, intuition, and tarot, you will gain a holistic understanding of your soul and how to live in harmony with it. You will experience a deepened spiritual connection, personal growth, and the opportunity to follow the unique inner path that is yours.

I would love to support you on this journey.

The training is a standalone course in Awakening Training Module 5 and is intended for those who already have their own spiritual practice. Everything takes place in a peaceful ashram in swedish village by the ocean.

Time: August 26th, 9:00 AM - August 27th, 4:00 PM
Includes retreat and course, price 3.500 SEK.

Warmly and humbly welcome,
Linda Adesh

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