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Courses and Training

Discover your true potential and awaken your inner wisdom with our soulful courses and trainings


Awakening Training

An online training program with 5 modules offered at Kärra Ashram, designed to guide individuals on a journey towards living an awakened life and fulfilling their soul's purpose. Participants will learn to clear distortions from human life, awaken and shift their reality, integrate human soul qualities, initiate and activate the 13 Ascendant Master Codes, and follow the divine plan of manifestation.


Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Discover the missing pieces of your soul and bring them back home with the soul retrieval ceremony online course.

Let go of the past and embrace a brighter future as you reconnect with your true self. Through this powerful ceremony, you will heal old wounds, gain clarity, and restore balance to your mind, body, and soul.


The Shift Experience

A transformative course designed to help you awaken to the deeper aspects of your soul. If you feel like you have been struggling with your human conditioning and are ready to explore a more profound sense of self, this course is for you.

You will be guided through a journey of self-discovery and healing, gaining the tools and insights needed to shift your perspective and transform your life.  


Crystal Salt

Helena S

She has helped me on so many different levels. I am so infinitely grateful for her amazing treatments! With Linda's help, I have come in contact with and seen parts of myself that I did not see or understand before. She has helped me feel more confident in myself, trust myself more and start to see my own worth. She has made me dare to do things I never thought were possible. The treatments at Linda are some of the best I have experienced! I feel completely safe and embraced by Linda's fine energy and care. It is clear that Linda has great competence in her profession and I have from the first moment felt great confidence and been able to be myself fully. Each session feels unique and helps me in ways I could not have imagined in advance. The sessions have made a big difference for me emotionally, mentally and also physically when I had physical problems with my body. I often say that I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience treatments with Linda Adesh.
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