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Free Online Awakening Training


After you have signed up go to Schedule to watch the video. Most welcome to this introduction training. The first 40 minutes is a presentation and the last 20 a practice. Make sure you have time to be in a sacred space to watch the video. Below is a supportive description of the training content. In this training you will be introduced and have a practice of the three first information systems of creation and enter a sacred place within, the crystal palace. The 13 soul qualities and information system is: *Power - Energy & strength *Wisdom - Acceptance & allowance *Love - Compassion & love for oneself *Truth - Inner knowing & being aligned with the Intuition *Peace - Present & meditative state *Grace - Clearance of karma & being of service *Freedom - Open to change & responsibility *Transcendent - Awareness of the soul *Harmony - Harmonization of soul and body, no ego *Creation / Purpose - Express oneself from divine *Awareness / Clarity - Be aware in every moment *Unconditional love - Merge of male and female *Oneness / Joy - Rebirth, Non gender of source Linda Adesh will continuously take you through the process of initiating your own journey, using YouTube videos and online material sent to your email address or instagram. An extended training is presented at her website as an online program or Awakening Training retreat.

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